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How it Works

Step 1 Pretreat Your Garment

Pretreat your garment – a pretreating machine is used to prepare your fabric for the printing process. Pretreatment (also called pretreat for short) means using a liquid solution that is used by DTG printers. This allows the durability of the print of white ink on dark garments and washability on colored t-shirts, especially black ones.

Step 2 Dry The Garment

Dry the garment – after pretreating, the garment will need to be dried using a heat press set until the fabric is completely dry.

Step 3 Print Design

Print design - Once the fabric is fully dry, our technician will carefully place the garment on the printer. Within minutes the print is ready to go.

Step 4 Cure The Fabric

Cure the fabric – once the printing is complete the garment is taken back to the heat press to be cured. Silicon paper is used to protect your design from the heat.

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